So are we ignoring the fact that Caroline killed someone for Stefan


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Come on people…don’t give up hope unless you’re giving it to Sexy Beks (pardon the pun).

Have a sense of humor in all of this. Klayley is a joke, haylijah is a bigger joke and I’m laughing so hard that tears are running down my cheeks at the thought of klamille. Klaus called Camille beautiful as he would have said it to Elena or April or Katherine or even Rose. It means little.

Actually he first he said his demons would destroy everything HE finds beautiful and that she was beautiful. Meaning she is one if the very few things he considers beautiful. That means a WHOOLE LOT. They rock.

They are the shows OTP

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"And you… you ARE beautiful"


“If you love something, set it free.  If it comes back, it is yours forever.
If it doesn’t, then it never was yours at all.”

He set her free.  Free of him and his demons.  And she’ll come back to him one day.  In fact, he’ll keep setting her free, and she’ll refuse to ever truly leave.   

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  • Anonymousgag me please JM about Klamille, " She’s capable of seeing the good in him, we know that, but she’s also capable of forgiving the evil in him I think, or the darkness in him. " justjaredjr(.)com/2014/05/06/the-originals-joseph-morgan-on-klaus-coming-to-terms-with-fatherhood-more-jjj-interview/ , also i love how there are hardly any comments on these articles and i´m not overstating when i say 90% of those are negative
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  • Where's My Ring?

    This comment makes no sense.  Real love is able to forgive and people are able to transform over it.  That would make her an awesome character.

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  • AnonymousWhy do you think that there has not been the same kind of reaction to Klamille that there has been to Klaroline?
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    ooooh, now this is a question I’ve been waiting for haha. I’m going to break this down into categories.
    Initial Presentation/Initial Reaction: Now it needs to be said that the second we met Camille everyone immediately went ‘well she looks a hell of a lot like Caroline’ and that shouldn’t happen. We’re not supposed to in seconds be able to take down a characters worth because the creators of said character were trying too hard to make that person look like someone else. So when we met Camille for the 1st time in the bar she seemed nice, respectable, no red flags really popped up for me. Then we see the scene where she analyzes a painting and Klaus starts like sobbing. Which wasn’t really a reflection on her character, she was just providing what she thought. However, it was obvious from here exactly the type of character she was going to be. And let me tell you, I didn’t like it one bit.

    Who the character of Camille is supposed to be/Represent: Kay so Camille is supposed to be a Psychology grad student (should of been undergrad in my opinion) and she’s got this like ‘ability to really understand people’ based on this level of intelligence that they’ve given her. Which what this really means is that she’s meant to be as the only person who can understand and decipher Klaus. That’s why she’s a Psychology student, not because that’s what they wanted to make her study but because it’ll make the Klamille more believable. The issue lies when she’s literally been mentally abused by Klaus and she knows very damn well what’s going on in New Orleans YET, SHE WON’T FUCKING LEAVE. If Camille were really as smart as these writers make her out to be, she would have left THE SECOND she found out what was going on. She’d realize that there’s no place for her in this war (BECAUSE THERE ISN’T) and she’d be like ‘deuces’ and go on to live a normal life somewhere else. She’s continuously subjecting herself to these creatures and people who don’t really apply morals and then she wants to go pointing fingers at what’s morally wrong. Girl, that is not how it works. Nobody made you the judge here in NOLA, these people and these events and the way those events transpire aren’t going to change just because you want them to. There’s going to be a lottt of more blood that gets spilled before this is all over so, she better sit tight and seat her judgmental ass in a no-splashing zone cause things are only going to get worse. What she told Genevieve about ‘having served her purpose’ was amazing (cause it was 100% true and she was the only one with the guts to say it) and it’s my Camille MVP moment. However, I’m still not fond of her character due to the need to replicate her into Caroline which I’ll get into in the next section.

    The attempted replication of Klaroline: Can we not? I mean honestly, where is the originality? My main issue with Klamille as well as my main issue with all other Klaus ships past Klaroline is that it just isn’t believable. You need to understand that Klaus hasn’t been in love with someone for over 1000 years. Elijah’s been in love twice, Rebekah countless times, Finn was in love once and I’d like to believe that Kol was in love with someone as well throughout the millennium. But Klaus, Klaus in 1000 years has been in love with no one. Not a single person was important enough for him to fall in love with. Then he met Caroline and it all changed. This is why I just can’t accept another Klaus ship—I just can’t do it. This reason is why all of Klaus’s ships just don’t catch a following, because another relationship doesn’t make any sense. This is the main reason why Klamille hasn’t been received well enough. But then they tacked on all the Klaroline qualities to the relationship and people just weren’t buying it. Klamille is Klaroline only it’s a half-assed version of it. We’ve been on a yacht and we’re going to change it in for a row boat? There’s no logic in that. The reasons Caroline is able to understand Klaus and get through to him are so special and above all—believable.There very natural in a tandem and it’s difficult to picture it with others. The only way to make Camille understand Klaus (and I genuinely believe she doesn’t and never will) was to give her the qualifications to be able to do it. There’s nothing natural about that because it was all handed to her. They try so hard to make Camille represent what Caroline represents not only to Klaus but to the storyline’s but the writers aren’t willing to make the character work for it. Caroline wasn’t always the voice of reason/moral compass/light to the plot and characters, she had to work for it. Caroline had to become that person first.

    Differences: There’s a lot that Klaus and Caroline’s characters do for each other. Klaus for Caroline is a future, a future she deserves, a life she should have. Caroline to Klaus is literally his reason, and his light. Klaus is a dark man but with Caroline that isn’t even remotely the case. They don’t take away from each other, only add. As opposed to Klaus and Camille. Klaus does not listen to her. I don’t give a shit what you say, he doesn’t. He cares about her well-being but he doesn’t care what she thinks. When Klaus killed Carol Lockwood he was so nervous about what Caroline would think that he asked Damon, for advice. That’s not something you do for just anybody. If Klaus and Camille were to be together she wouldn’t stop till there wasn’t an ounce of who he used to be left. She’d make him fit what she wants and if he were in love with her (which they’d have to make him be) he’d agree to it and that’s not how it works. Caroline understands the need for sacrifice, she doesn’t like it but she understands it. They’re qualities would allow them to coexist. Camille would take away who Klaus is—who he’s supposed to be. And Klaus would take away from the type of person Camille is depicted as. All they would do is take and take from each other until they’re unrecognizable. Klaus and Caroline would add to each other what’s needed to become the best versions of themselves and that my dear, is why Klamille didn’t get the same reaction ;).

  • Where's My Ring?

    I will say this: While I understand your reasons and they seem perfectly justified, the one thing I disagree with is the fact that Caroline and Klaus ever made sense.  They never made sense. I don’t understand why people ever thought they did.  The reason why I never accepted that relationship and still refuse to.  There was nothing leading to it, other than the writers’ desperation to create more drama and keep Caroline’s story going. It makes no sense any other way.  I never ever once believed that Caroline would go for Klaus ever.   By that point, he had already done way too many heinous things for her to ever notice him romantically.  If they had introduced him before, and allowed her to get to know him before he did all of this,  I would support it more.  But by then, in my opinion, Klaus was beyond redemption.  He was already too much of a negative presence in her life.  Caroline highly dislikes Damon for obvious reasons, but whatever he did to her wasn’t nearly as bad as what Klaus did. Damon messed with her, Klaus messed with people she loves.  I never understood why people ever supported that pairing.

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